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Frozen Yogurt

Our frozen yogurt is made with fresh milk, real fruit, and 5 strains of live culture strains with three types of gut-healthy probiotics. An excellent source of calcium and protein, Dannon YoCream’s nonfat and low-fat yogurt flavors are made in production facilities that are certified OU-D Kosher. Our frozen yogurts are certified for live and active cultures.

In fact, the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot offers 6 flavors including a twist. Your customers will marvel at how it serves all natural frozen yogurt, gelato, custard, ice cream, and sorbet treats with such an entertaining flare. And it’s always on tap, generating profits, whenever your location is open.

Dannon YoCream offers hundreds of delicious products, including:        
     - Frozen Yogurt
     - Gelatos
     - Ice Cream
     - Sorbets
     - Custard

Add Flavor-Burst Options and Toppings

When it comes to flavor choices, the Froyo Robot can’t be beat.  Each robot features a double-barrel soft-serve system which houses 2 core flavors and allows a twist option.  Customers have the ability to choose up to 6 different flavors and a twist via the Flavor Burst system that’s built into each Froyo Robot.  Choose from 6 toppings (cereals, hard shell candy, granola, nuts).