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Host a Free Froyo Robot in Houston TX

The Reis & Irvy’s frozen yogurt robot has been a hit at every high-traffic location where it’s strategically placed. And when it comes to your bottom line, the sheer entertainment factor of having a frozen yogurt factory in such a small footprint cannot be underestimated. The Froyo Robot has a way of putting smiles on faces, improving sales as well as enhancing popularity of any destination, thereby attracting new customers and encouraging existing ones to stay longer. This machine generates a buzz among visitors and makes money for almost any location with 15 square feet of floor space to spare.

ACT NOW!  Houston Locations are going FAST!

• We are interested in partnering with premier Houston Area locations to host our robots.

• Our robots can create some of the highest revenue generating
square footage in your facility.

• We can compliment any existing current business model and

Location Benefits

- Increase Consumer Traffic
- Build Repeat Business and Customer Retention
- Share in The Profits (Gross Profits)
- Build Brand Visibility and Awareness
- Maximize Profitability Per Square Feet
- Enhance The Overall Customer Experience